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Soap Sampler

Soap Sampler

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One pound of natural, fresh soap ends/odd soap cuts- sampler.

Can't pick just one scent? Try a little bit of everything and save!

Everything is fresh and beautiful scented with natural essential oils, ready for you to give as gifts, use for your family or just hide them away in your sock drawer for aromatherapy effects (hey we've all done that).

My Natural Base ingredients; Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, clay, essential oils, herbs. *Please know my soaps may contain nut seed oils, essential oils, mica colorants.

A few of the soap varieties included in each bag mix:
**Please note: if we run out of something listed it will be replaced by an equally awesome soap slice.

*Harmony Botanical - This is a confetti soap (multiple soap types combined into one). May contain Patchouli, Lavender, Mint, Cedar, or Orange essential oils, herbs, natural earth clays, and skin safe colorants.

*Lemoncholy- lemon essential oil, oats, chamomile, honey, shea butter

*ENCA - Charcoal, Tea Tree with cocoa butter, hemp seed oil

*May Chang - Lemon soap, Shea Butter

*Green Man Beard Bar - Cedar, Lime and Orange essential oils, Argan oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Herbs

*Blush - Orange and Lemon Essential Oils, Moroccan Clay, Shea Butter.

**Each bar is made with essential oils, although essential oils are completely natural you might have a sensitivity to them, so please do a patch test with our soap before using them all over your body.

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